Monday, June 30, 2014


Yet not sure about whether it is 100% accurate or not, but I do know about a legend of the Bhusals. My deceased grandfather imparted that to me:-)
The Bhusals used to be Rijals before and it is widely believed that the term Bhusal originated from what now we called Arghakhanchi district of Nepal.
At that time, Argha and Khanchi were two states or let’s say two principalities. One day, an elite young man of Khanchi liked a beautiful girl from Argha. The problem was that the girl was of the higher rank (Uppadhya Brahmin) and the boy was of lower rank (Jaisi) in the caste system.
The boy was passionately in love with that girl and wanted to get married anyhow. Finally, he lied the fact that he was a Jaisi Brahman and asked for her hand. The girl’s family easily agreed because the boy was really good, rich and from an elite family.
The marriage crew was returning to Khanchi with bride and groom and other family members and relatives. They decided to have a feast (Janti Bakhro in Nepali) at a small field in Khanchi. When they were having the party, somehow it was known that the boy and his family were Jaisi Brahman. It became a big issue, of course, then.
The boy and the girl really liked each other, so they could not annulled the marriage. Finally, the family members decided to have a negotiation and sort the problem out. They decided that the marriage was by mistake (भुल) so all the offspring or children of the couple will be surnamed as Bhusal. They also decided to name the place where this secret was revealed as Bhujelpani. In addition, they also said that any Bhusal won’t drink water from Bhujelpani. Still it is true that the Bhusals I know don’t drink water from the spring of Bhujelpani.
The history of the Bhusals has been associated with passion, brevity and love. Due to that historical nexus, it is believed that normally the Bhusals are emotional, intelligent and hardworking as  well.

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